Research And Development

Halal research activities of World Halal Center is operating in fields of healthy halal products and services and is aiming to reach a position as one of the halal certifiers is the country as well as middle east and eastern Mediterranean, and achieve its greatest goals by creating process oriented approach in every level of the center. In doing so, to meet every legitimate requirement, and to uphold technical, quality, health, belief and purity standards through customer focus and gaining the satisfaction of all beneficiaries; the center shall heed the following principles:

  1. Setting up evaluation and quality management policies for healthy and halal materials, products and services and private sector participants.
  2. Communication and collaboration with religious centers and national and international universities to investigate new challenges concerning purity, health and sanctity of relevant products and services.
  3. Running quality management experiments and evaluation of halal and healthy products.
  4. Upholding the national and international laws, regulations and standards and making every effort to increase beneficiaries’ satisfaction.
  5. Expanding human resources by employing experts trained in executive, scientific and educational fields.
  6. Providing a suitable and intimate workplace with teamwork atmosphere, and
    Employee participation in center’s decision makings.
  7. Extending the use of information technology, laboratory and research facilities and equipment.
  8. Improving the executive processes continuously and recognizing opportunities, power points or weak points and determining the most proper solutions and actions in achieving the center’s goals and overcoming its challenges.

This center obligates itself to uphold the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 by performing accurate execution processes, monitoring realization rate, achievements and predetermined indicators and by continuous improvements of the system ensuring the effectiveness of center’s activities. I as head manager (head of the center) obligate myself to review the qualitative targets based on the results of monitoring, measurements and analysis; and to provide necessary funds and requirements for achieving these targets. Furthermore, I expect my employees to maintain the quality management system by reaching a clear understanding of our requirements and targets, and to walk towards the center’s increased efficiency and progress according to their tasks at hand, responsibilities and authorities.


  1. Use and development of religious and academic sciences in determining the purity and sanctity of materials and products.
  2. Performing practical and fundamental research in purity and sanctity of materials and products to reach new and valid methods of controlling their purity and sanctity.
  3. Communication and collaboration with religious and academic centers either nationally or internationally to investigate the affairs and challenges concerning the products’ purity and sanctity.
  4. Training, encouragement and protecting experts and scholars due to the institute’s targets, articles and duties.
  5. Collecting, aligning and classifying relevant documents and papers and publishing them as scientific magazines, conferences and seminars.
  6. Help drafting rules and regulations in relevance to purity and sanctity of products and materials.
  7. Giving advice to religious centers on determining the purity and sanctity of products and materials due to their increasing development production.
  8. Issuing relevant certificates in accordance with rules and regulations.

Researchers System

Researchers of Halal research center of World Halal Center has been created to provide services such as sending articles, etc for Halal verification and certification.