Halal Marketing

WHC Halal Marketing Strategy is to pave the ground for reducing the finalized costs and competitiveness of products in international markets by:

  • Reducing waste at different stages of production and supply
  • Modernization and improvement of alternate, complementary, and maintenance industries
  • Designing and developing an efficient marketing system in the supply and trade of halal products
  • Implementing supportive policies for Iran’s halal production and trade
  • Establishing the holding and marketing companies for halal products

WHC Halal Marketing was created for the sole purpose of connecting the Muslim consumer group with products and services that meet Islamic jurisprudence.

We want to connect Muslims to businesses, freelancers, and other variety of companies that offer a practice, product, or service that can meet the needs of the Islamic market.

There are a lot of products and services available for the Muslim consumer group, but sometimes, they aren’t the easiest products to find. By providing businesses with focused halal marketing, and halal digital marketing tactics, we can help these businesses receive a higher ROI in their investments. It will also help establish their brand and name within a billion dollar industry in the World; The Halal Industry.

We work hard, day and night, to make sure that our quality campaigns cater to the Muslim consumer group. We make sure our content meets all the needs Muslims expect from an Islamic point of view. We want to help all our Muslim brothers and sisters find exactly what they are looking for. So join us as we take this journey together, in finding which consumer groups within the Halal industry will accept your brand, business or product.

Muslims have needs, and they expect a brand, business, or product to help meet those needs. Let’s hope you have what Muslims are looking for, in a Halal way.