Halal Certification

WHC provides audit, verification and Halal certification to companies to help them produce and deliver a Halal product to Muslim markets.

The World Halal Center is an independent and internationally accredited inspection and certification center for halal foods and services. Our certifications are offered throughout world and extend to all commodities and services for which halal safety is a must for Muslims.

WHC™ is the guarantor authority that operates worldwide to certify the Halal (lawful) quality of products and services in accordance with the dictates of Islamic doctrine and Shariah according to international Halal Standards along with other halal certification standards such as OIC-SMIC, Halal Food – Implimentation Requierments for Halal Contrl Points (HCP ) System in Animal Slaughterhouse, Pultry Slaugterhouses and Crops, Halal Cosmetic Products (INSO), through our recognized and world-class partners in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North & South America.

Halal certification is an added value for the company as the market is estimated at around $ 2.3 trillion, up 6% per year, For this reason WHC™ intends to support companies so that they can invest in a new market, thanks to which they can grow economically. To achieve this goal, companies need to know how to move in this particular type of market and WHC™ intervenes by accompanying it according to a very specific procedure which includes:

  • Validation of business processes
  • Provide the right cultural and multicultural approach
  • Validation of products
  • The promotion of a new corporate image