Here is a list of our services

  • Regulation of the Halal market, in order to facilitate the Muslim community and the general population the access to halal food, products and services.
  • Standardization of the Halal Market, through the development and preparation of regulatory mechanisms drawn up taking into account the views of all concerned groups and associations, such as consumers, producers and retailers.
  • Certification, control and supervision, of industries, companies and collectives who wish to offer their products and services to Muslim consumers. Or other groups of consumers, who due to a similar code of ethics are interested in these kinds of services and products.
  • Developing business and initiatives aimed to promoting the Halal Industry.
  • Training and formation, of the diverse peoples and organizations involved in the different Halal food production process, products and services.
Our team has qualified professionals including Halal technical auditors, veterinarians, Sharia experts and food technologist, experienced in Halal audit & certification work according to the Halal Institute standards for food safety & Sharia, also compliant with OIC Halal standards.

Verification of Purchases

WHC Inspectors will verify all purchases by sighting invoices, delivery dockets, among other things, to ensure that all products and raw materials. Have been purchased from outlets that in turn have been certified as halal and that all other products bought and sold by the applicant meet the halal guidelines.

Cross Contamination

Under no circumstances a mixture of halal and non-halal food such as pork, ham, bacon, etc. will be certified halal due to high risk of cross-contamination

Preparation of Food

All ingredients such as raw materials, flavoring used in the preparation of halal product must be halal and free of alcohol.

Personnel and Staff

All personnel, staff and employees in the outlet engaged in the preparation must be made aware of the requirements of the Halal Certification Program and they must go through a training/induction program approved by WHC and the applicant.

Audit and Monitoring

The Audit Committee appointed by the WHC will be responsible for the initial audit and certification of the premises. Thereafter the Auditor appointed by WHC will carry out periodic and random audits to ensure that the outlet complies with the halal guidelines at all times

Duties of the Auditor

The nominated auditor will ensure that:

  • The trading name and the address should be correct as stated in the application form;
  • The staff and employees have been made aware and are fully conversant with the requirements of the Halal Certification Program;
  • The preparation area comply with the halal certification guidelines;
  • They audit the storage areas to ensure that they comply with the guidelines;
  • All utensils and equipment used are free from any risk of cross contamination;
  • They sight all invoices, delivery dockets, etc to verify that the products (especially raw products) have been purchased from halal sources;
  • The approved halal certificate has been displayed in a prominent place visible to the customers. Wherever appropriate, the halal sign and logo should be correctly used;
  • They note any irregularity or breach of the guidelines and immediately bring that to the attention of the person in charge of the outlet; and
  • They present a written report to the Halal Audit Committee of WHC

Halal Certificate

The Halal Certificate from WHC confirms that the food or any consumable item from that outlet is halal and permitted to be consumed by the Muslim community. The Halal Certificate will be issued subject to the following rules:

  • The applicant makes a written agreement with WHC and agrees to abide by the rules/guidelines at all times;
  • The business and staff/employees are fully conversant with the concept of the halal program;
  • The halal certificate is valid only for the premises it has been issued and the original certificate must be displayed at a prominent place visible to the customers;
  • The Halal Certificate is not transferable and must not be duplicated in any form whatsoever under any circumstance;
  • The business agrees to allow the WHC auditor to enter the premises at any time, without prior notice, to carry out random audits;
  • The owner of the outlet has paid the nominated fee for the issue of the Halal Certificate; and
  • The Halal Certificate remains the property of WHC and must be returned to WHC upon its expiry.

Logos and Labels

Subject to the approval of WHC only the labels/logos of WHC are to be used for the products certified by it as halal. The labels/logos are not to be used if the certificate has expired or if it has been withdrawn.

Withdrawal of the Halal Certificate

WHC reserves the right to withdraw the Halal Certificate at any time if there is any breach of the conditions or guidelines, there is a change of ownership, the fee or any part thereof remains unpaid or at the expiry of the halal certificate


Beef, Poultry, Seafood? We do it all! Whether you are a local abattoir, commercial slaughterhouse, or meat packer, we can halal certify your meat products.


Raw Materials Your Specialty? We can help! We work with everyone from small organic suppliers to large agro-food companies. Everything from grains to beans, we can help.


Are Your Food Additives Halal? Not to worry! All of our evaluations are completed by expert research scientists who understand the industry and specialize in halal food certification.


Nutritional Supplements, Health Foods? We do that too! Maintaining good health is important, and we can halal certify your nutritional supplements, health foods, energy drinks, and much more.


Halal Medicine? That’s right! Call us today to find out how we can certify your pharmaceutical products, everything from over the counter medications to vaccines; we do it all.


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