Suspension/ Termination of Certification

The certificate applicable to a specific business scope covering product, process, service, site or organization may be suspended if the certified client, for a limited period (in most cases the suspension would not exceed 6 months) exhibits the following cases: –

  • Improper/Misleading use of the certificate, symbol or logo not remedied to the satisfaction of WHC.
  • Client makes a voluntary formal request to withdraw certification.
  • Regular surveillance or recertification audit shows non-compliance with the requirements which is of such a nature that does not require immediate withdrawal.
  • non-conformance(s) or effective corrective action not implemented within a specified time period.
  • Contravention of the Certification Requirements.
  • Client fails to meet financial obligations to WHC. • Infringement by the client of any contractual conditions between the client and WHC. • Client is unable or unwilling to ensure conformance to revisions of halal certification requirements once advised by WHC.
  • Existence of a serious complaint, or a large number of second- or third-party complaints, which indicate that WHC’s halal certification requirements are not being maintained.​
  • Client does not allow routine surveillance to be conducted at the required frequency. During suspension, the client shall not identify its product, process or service as certified by WHC. WHC shall make the certificate suspension public through its website. The Operation Manager will confirm the official suspension of the certificate to the client. At the same time, the Operation Manager shall indicate under which conditions the suspension will be removed. At the end of the suspension period, an investigation will be carried out to determine whether the indicated conditions for reinstating the certificate have been fulfilled. On fulfillment of these conditions the suspension could be lifted by notifying the client that the certification has been reinstated. If the conditions are not fulfilled, the certificate shall be withdrawn. All costs incurred by WHC, in the suspending and reinstating of certificates will be charged to the client.