Strategic Council Of WHC


WHC Strategic Council of Halal

WHC strategy is to provide a Halal Council with following goals:

  • Policymaking, promoting and integrating activities and coordination among relevant agencies
  • Paving the ground for the growth and development of the production, supply, and trade of halal food and products
  • Formation of the Strategic Council on Halal Foods and Products

Council Duties

  • Macro-scale policymaking and leadership in halal foods and products of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Approving plans on halal foods and products of Iran
  • Reviewing and approving the plans and bills of the relevant agencies
  • Approving rules and regulations and strategic plans related to halal foods and products
  • Supreme supervision on the implementation of the Council approvals and evaluation of the strategic and operational plans
  • Reviewing and approving annual reports on halal foods and products to submit to relevant authorities
  • Preparing and approving of internal regulations and executive structure of the Strategic Council


To further the objectives of the Strategic Plan and duties of the Strategic Council, the commissions on “Education and Research”, “Culture-making and Promotion”, “Jurisprudence”, “Monitoring and Evaluation”, “Economic and Trade” and “Halal Laws and Regulations”, are formed under the Strategic Council.

  • Note 1. The members of the above commissions are appointed at the first meeting of the Strategic Council.
  • Note 2. The Jurisprudence Commission is obliged to review and approve all approvals of other commissions of the Council within the framework of the Ja’fari jurisprudence and other Islamic commonalities and present a report to the secretariat.
  • Note 3. The Secretariat of the Halal Strategic Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran is located in the Office of the Representative of Wali al-Faqih in the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad.
  • Note 4. The action plan of this Strategic Plan shall be prepared by each of the beneficiaries and relevant agencies within at the latest three months after the approval and communication of the Strategic Plan and submitted to the Secretariat of the Strategic Council for approval.