Client Obligations

The Client shall undertake to pay all fees to Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in WHC Local Office, the Certification Body. The amount of this fee is stated in the quotation accepted by the Client which is based on WHC’s price list and will remain fixed for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of this agreement. All fees quoted are exclusive of GST, necessary travel and accommodation, and other out of pocket expenses.

  1. The Client agrees to all the provisions of WHC Halal Certification Scheme, all its attachments and all the requirements relating to halal certification activities laid down by WHC. This includes all aspects of the Certification Agreement and all its schedules. 
  2. The Client shall prepare halal procedure and protocols as part of its Management System and it will include the following: 


  • Nomination of designated responsible company official/s responsible for the halal aspects of its Management System. 
  • Identify the products for which halal certification is sought. 
  • Identify the scope of the halal production process e.g. Slaughter, boning, harvest, further processing, storage and where applicable, transportation. 
  • In case of further processing all ingredients used must be halal and evidence of this must be documented, available for inspection and needs to be acceptable to the export destination’s halal requirements. 
  • A procedure for identification and segregation of halal from non-halal. It should document the defacing the halal mark where integrity of halal product is lost. 
  • No pork or pork by products shall be used for production on any part of the Client’s premises. 


  1. The Client shall supply WHC with all the necessary valid information about their facilities and relevant Management System documentation applicable policies, documented procedures, and work instructions including records of external complaints and remedial actions taken), as well as internal audits’ and management reviews records before the audit (certification, surveillance and recertification audits). 
  2. The Client must have effectively documented and implemented the management system supplied to WHC. 
  3. In the case of abattoirs, the Client shall only employ and use WHC accredited slaughter men to perform the halal slaughtering activities, and shall ensure that all halal slaughtering activities are performed under the supervision of a WHC halal supervisor. 
  4. The Client shall ensure that all halal processing activities are performed and all ingredients use are halal. 
  5. During the audit (certification, surveillance audit, recertification) the Client shall provide all required and necessary information for the conduct of the audit and allow the auditor(s) access to all applicable organizational units, and area of the business. 
  6. The Client shall allow access to all processes and locations, records and personnel for the purposes of the certification, surveillance and recertification audits, and the settlement of complaints. 
  7. The Client shall carry out internal audits followed by management reviews of the client’s halal quality management system at least once in a year, and shall include halal aspects of its business. 
  8. The Client has the obligation to allow, if needed, the presence of observers (e.g. accreditation auditors, trainee auditors). 
  9. The Client shall appoint a responsible company official/s to be responsible for ensuring that the halal requirements of its Management System are observed. 
  10. After the issue of the Certificate, the Client must inform WHC of any significant changes relevant to the Management System (e.g. changes in the ownership, in the facilities, in the scope of the Halal certification etc) as well as any changes in the structure of the company that affect the Management System. 
  11. The Client must inform WHC of any significant non-conformances of which they are aware, through internal audit or other means. The Client is responsible for the adoption of sound quality policies to maintain the reliability of their management system especially as regard to halal requirements. It should be understood that WHC is not in any way certifying the effectiveness of the quality of any product or service. The Client cannot use the halal Certification as “proof” that it offers quality products or services. 
  12. The Client shall adapt to the WHC requirements, when referring to the organization’s Certification in the media, like the internet, promotional brochures, advertisements on products or other documents. The client shall not make any misleading statement regarding the Certification or use any certification document or any part of it in a misleading way. 
  13. The Client is not allowed to use WHC’s Halal Logo in a confusing way, misleading the public about the scope of the Certification. 
  14. In case of suspension or withdrawal of the Certification, the Client shall stop all advertising that contain references to its Certification.