Core Values

Our Mission

Integrated policy-making, leadership, management, and planning in relevant agencies based on the principles of Islam’s jurisprudence and all of the Islamic commonalities in order to engage constructively with the Islamic world to produce, supply, develop and facilitate trade and supply of halal food and products.

Our Vision

Relying on the infinite divine power and in the light of a planned effort, by 2025, the World Halal Center will achieve a leading position in the production, processing, supply, trade, and development of halal food and products in the region and the Islamic world with the following characteristics:

  • Leading the way in protecting jurisprudential aspects of halal food and products based on the principles of Ja’fari jurisprudence and taking into account other Islamic commonalities
  • Knowledge-based and benefiting from the network of education, research, development, and production of advanced science and technology in the national system of innovation
  • Enjoying an appropriate and effective legal position and benefiting from a comprehensive information system in all areas internationally

Our Strategy

  • Policymaking, promotion, and integration of activities and coordination among relevant agencies
  • Capacity building and empowerment of the public and non-governmental sectors in order to have an effective and productive presence in the regional and international arenas.
  • Improving the quality of production of halal foods and products.
  • Strengthening the Islamic community’s trust in the consumption of Iranian halal food and products.
  • Development, diversification, and competitiveness of products and promotion of halal economy.

Our Goals

  • Establishing a coherent and integrated system for the production and consumption of halal food and products
    Development of fundamental and applied research
    Recruiting and training specialized staff for promotion, development, production, and trade of halal foods and products
  • Establishing a comprehensive information system utilizing the relevant agencies in accordance with the law on Islamic slaughter and hunting and related regulations
  • Developing technology for livestock, poultry, aquatic and fishery products with due halal principles
  • Promoting WHC’s share in the world market and trade of halal food and products